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1.      GENERAL

IMOVEISOITANTE.NET is an internet website managed by Oitante, S.A. with the purpose of disclosing information about our real estate business.

The information provided regarding our products and services is purely indicative and does not bound Oitante, S.A. to any contract proposal. The respective general conditions of such products and services, as well as their contractual and pre-contractual information foreseen in specific documents, are available at the Oitante, S.A. address - Av. José Malhoa, 22 - 1099-012 Lisboa (Portugal).

Despite the institutional information regarding Oitante, S.A. and the information regarding its products and services, it will also be disclosed on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET information of different nature, such as commercial and legal.

Oitante, SA develops the best effort to ensure updating and accuracy of all the information available on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET. However, does not guarantee that the information provided is up-to-date and accurate at all times.

The view of the legal provisions disclosed on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET does not exempt users from consultation with the law in force, officially approved and published in official editions (Diário da República, the Official Journal of the European Union and the Official Bulletin of Bank of Portugal)

All information available on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET, including analyses, estimates, projections, additional data and opinions are intended exclusively for private use, prohibiting their use for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, regardless of the form, the information provided does not constitute an advice or recommendation to buy, sell or lease, and should not be exempted the use of experts in case of need.  By that, Oitante, S.A. cannot be responsible for any personal or material damages arising, directly or indirectly, by the use of the information provided on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET. As such, the user is the sole and exclusive responsible for all decisions made based on that information.

IMOVEISOITANTE.NET provides links to other websites. However, Oitante, S.A. accepts no responsibility for the information provided on those websites or for the services provided by external entities.

All contents intellectual property rights of IMOVEISOITANTE.NET, except those which are provided by external entities duly identified, belong to the Oitante, S.A., including information, software development tools, communications and design of the website, applications for PDA and mobile phones, the web pages graphic design, including all its components, and all figures, graphics or texts made available at any time at IMOVEISOITANTE.NET.

The user can access the IMOVEISOITANTE.NET through the available channels (internet, PDA and mobile phones). However, Oitante, S.A. does not assume any liability for losses due to impossibility, delay, suspension or access interruption to IMOVEISOITANTE.NET due to technical failures or other reasons, nor does it guarantee that access to IMOVEISOITANTE.NET will not suffer interruptions or disturbances resulting from technical problems.

Oitante, S.A. does not guarantee that IMOVEISOITANTE.NET works correctly on all mobile devices and/or is compatible with their respective settings and does not commit to develop contents compatible to all devices available on the market.

All information and contents made available on IMOVEISOITANTE.NET, including those made available to applications for PDA and mobile phones, can be changed without prior notice, except if legally imposed.

Is not allowed the total or partial reproduction of any information or content of IMOVEISOITANTE.NET as well as of images, videos or any other media element, including those provided through the applications for PDA and mobile phones, nor its rental or sale without prior authorization from Oitante, S.A., or external entities duly identified.

The pictures shown may not match the described settings. Prices and specifications may be subject to any modification without pre-notice. IMOVEISOITANTE.NET accepts no responsibility for errors published on this website.



IMOVEISOITANTE.NET users declare and warrant that they know the internet’s characteristics and constraints, limitations and defects, and in particular that the transmission of data and information through Internet benefits only of a relative technical reliability, as it circulates in heterogeneous networks with different characteristics and technical capabilities, which disturb the access or block such access for certain periods.

By accessing IMOVEISOITANTE.NET, users accept the risks associated with Internet use, such as the risk of possible unsecured data transmission.

Users oblige themselves not to attack or illegally use the systems and / or IMOVEISOITANTE.NET. If so, they will be subject to a penalty and criminally responsible. Additionally, they will support all costs associated with illegal activities that they perform. Among others, it is considered as unlawful:

  • defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate in any way the rights of others (such as the right to privacy, for example);
  • publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any type of material / information inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, illegal or disrespectful;
  • perform file uploads or any other material which is protected by the Code of Copyright or that violates the rules of data protection / privacy and any other proprietary rights unless you are the copyright holder or have received the necessary authorization to do so;
  • perform files uploads that contain virus, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files or any other similar files that are likely to damage the computer or property of another;
  • advertise or offer to buy / sell / lease goods and / or services, or that close down any other commercial purpose, except in services that allow (ads and classified ads);
  • make downloads of other user’s files, which is known not to be allowed to be distributed in such way.
  • falsify, omit or delete any author attribution, legal or any other type of label / proprietary designations at the origin / source of software / material contained in a uploaded file;
  • manipulate or falsify information in order to disguise the origin of products or services;
  • restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Communication Services;
  • record, collect, withhold or collect information about other users;
  • violate any law / regulations, particularly those concerning the protection and copyright, as well as corrupt or change procedures, policies, requirements or regulations related to services;
  • Create a false identity for misleading purposes
  • access an area / unauthorized account and related information;
  • test and evaluate system vulnerability and break installed security;
  • trigger or attempt to trigger "denial of service" attacks.


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